Tui / The Joyous, Lake

          ---  ---
          --------     above     Tui    The Joyous, Lake
          ---  ---
          --------     below     Tui    The Joyous, Lake

     The Judgement

          The Joyous. Success.
          Perseverance is favorable.

     The Image

          Lakes resting on one another:
          The image of the Joyous.
          Thus the superior man joins with his friends
          For discussion and practice.

     The Lines

          Nine at the beginning means:
          Contented joyousness. Good fortune.

     ()   Nine in the second place means:
          Sincere joyousness. Good fortune.
          Remorse disappears.

     []   Six in the third place means:
          Coming joyousness. Misfortune.

          Nine in the fourth place means:
          Joyousness that is weighed is not at peace.
          After ridding himself of mistakes a man has joy.

     ()   Nine in the fifth place means:
          Sincerity toward disintegrating influences is dangerous.

     []   Six at the top means:
          Seductive joyousness.