Lu / The Wanderer

          ---  ---     above     Li     The Clinging, Flame
          ---  ---     below     K^en    Keeping Still, Mountain
          ---  ---

     The Judgement

          The Wanderer. Success through smallness.
          Perseverance brings good fortune
          To the wanderer.

     The Image

          Fire on the mountain:
          The image of The Wanderer.
          Thus the superior man
          Is clear-minded and cautious
          In imposing penalties,
          And protracts no lawsuits.

     The Lines

          Six at the beginning means:
          If the wanderer busies himself with trivial things,
          He draws down misfortune upon himself.

          Six in the second place means:
          The wanderer comes to an inn.
          He has his property with him.
          He wins the steadfastness of a young servant.

          Nine in the third place means:
          The wanderer's inn burns down.
          He loses the steadfastness of his young servant.

          Nine in the fourth place means:
          The wanderer rests in a shelter.
          He obtains his property and an ax.
          My heart is not glad.

     ()   Six in the fifth place means:
          He shoots a pheasant.
          It drops with the first arrow.
          In the end this brings both praise and office.

          Nine at the top means:
          The bird's nest burns up.
          The wanderer laughs at first,
          Then must needs lament and weep.
          Through carelessness he loses his cow.