Wei Chi / Before Completion

          ---  ---     above     Li     The Clinging, Flame
          ---  ---
          --------     below     K'an   The Abysmal, Water
          ---  ---

     The Judgement

          Before Completion. Success.
          But if the little fox, after nearly completing the crossing,
          Gets his tail in the water,
          There is nothing that would further.

     The Image

          Fire over water:
          The image of the condition before transition.
          Thus the superior man is careful
          In the differentiation of things,
          So that each finds its place.

     The Lines

          Six at the beginning means:
          He gets his tail in the water.

          Nine in the second place means:
          He brakes his wheels.
          Perseverance brings good fortune.

          Six in the third place means:
          Before completion, attack brings misfortune.
          It furthers one to cross the great water.

          Nine in the fourth place means:
          Perseverance brings good fortune.
          Remorse disappears.
          Shock, thus to discipline the Devil's Country.
          For three years, great realms are awarded.

     ()   Six in the fifth place means:
          Perseverance brings good fortune.
          No remorse.
          The light of the superior man is true.
          Good fortune.

          Nine at the top means:
          There is drinking of wine
          In genuine confidence. No blame.
          But if one wets his head,
          He loses it, in truth.