Chin / Progress

          ---  ---     above     Li     The Clinging, Flame
          ---  ---
          ---  ---     below     K'un   The Receptive, Earth
          ---  ---

     The Judgement

          Progress. The powerful prince
          Is honored with horses in large numbers.
          In a single day he is granted audience three times.

     The Image

          The sun rises over the earth:
          The image of Progress.
          Thus the superior man himself
          Brightens his bright virtue.

     The Lines

          Six at the beginning means:
          Progressing, but turning back.
          Perseverance brings good fortune.
          If one meets with no confidence, one should remain calm.
          No mistake.

          Six in the second place means:
          Progressing, but in sorrow.
          Perseverance brings good fortune.
          Then one obtains happiness from one's ancestress.

          Six in the third place means:
          All are in accord. Remorse disappears.

          Nine in the fourth place means:
          Progress like a hamster.
          Perseverance brings danger.

     ()   Six in the fifth place means:
          Remorse disappears.
          Take not gain and loss to heart.
          Undertakings bring good fortune.
          Everything serves to further.

          Nine at the top means:
          Making progress with the horns is permissible
          Only for the purpose of punishing one's own city.
          To be conscious of danger brings good fortune.
          No blame.
          Perseverance brings humiliation.