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[ed td] last modified: 03/25/2007 02:03 pm

You may notice to the right i've put up some scripts.

ed is a little online text editor, and td is yet another todo list. I'll certainly be posting a bunch of little scripts and I probably won't bother to make a big hoo-ha over most of them, but these two I've been working on for a while and polishing them up and I use them all the time.

They are really small and simple but I find them more useful than lots of comparable scripts. Of course, I'm biased 'cause I made them. But I mean, I use vi over ssh as much as the next guy, and I use these a lot too.

These scripts are nothing new, but for me they polish something out real nice that I felt like it needed it. And I need stuff to make as I'm learning.

I tried to comment the code nicely and keep it all short and obvious, and I tried to document it real well and I'll keep working on it, but what do I know? I really hope that you'll take a look at them, play with them, tell me what's wrong with them, and what they need.

Note that they have very few frills or features. Thats why I like 'em though :)

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