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[poop tp] last modified: 03/25/2007 02:04 pm

I've put up a couple of new scripts. They are pretty alpha and could use testing.

poop is a monitoring utility that has been tested on OS X, Linux, BSD, and Cygwin. It shows some network and local information.

For Mac, nothing goes better with poop then tp! tp displays readings from all the hardware sensors it can find, including CPU and GPU temperatures. And its written in bash only! w00t! Because there is such a wide variance between macs, the formatting of the results may or may not be too great, but it should capture all possible sensors and at least be legible, and it can easily be scripted to display better on any specific machine.

And here is my offer to you. If you try tp, and the results formatting is garbled, send me an email (djbidi@gmail.com) including the output of "tp -l", and in exchange for your testing I will make a version custom for your machine. In a custom version, I can even have it display the temperatures in Fahrenheit!

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