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[osx backup asr] last modified: 03/25/2007 02:04 pm

I do this to backup:

Last login: Sat Oct  7 16:03:05 on ttyp2
    |/ | 
    |/           welcome to 31d1 

31d1:~ 31d1$ sudo time asr --source / --target /Volumes/31d1BAK --erase --verbose
        Validating target...done
        Validating source...done

        Erase contents of /dev/disk1s3 (/Volumes/31d1BAK)? [ny]: y
        Erasing target device /dev/disk1s3...done
        Validating sizes...done
        Copying "/" (/dev/disk0s3) to "/Volumes/Macintosh HD 1" (/dev/disk1s3)...
    11354.02 real       111.39 user      2010.97 sys
31d1:~ 31d1$

Advantage; it's one step, it's bootable, it's reversible, you don't have to worry about all that apple resource forks shit.

Problem; it's not incremental, it takes 3 hrs 9 minutes and 14 seconds to hours to back up my 80 gig drive.

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