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[conkeror keyboard browser firefox] last modified: 03/25/2007 02:02 pm

conkeror is pretty neat. An extension that turns Firefox into a fully keyboard mode browser. It's totally sketchy, but it works ok on my no-room-for-a-mouse linux box. The documentation and bindings list is only available in-browser, and I forgot the key to find the help screens for a while (C-h i, C-h b), and that there is a paucity of documentation becomes clear when the only place I could find some was in cvs.

It's totally emacs, but there's an (undocumented-exept-for-existence) vi mode (for the heathens). And a .conkerorrc file that doesn't seem to actually work. So on the list is:

  1. document the vi bindings out of that .js file in cvs
  2. hope it's being developed more
  3. figure out the .rc file

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