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[firefox applescript slide] last modified: 03/25/2007 02:03 pm

I wanted to like Deskbrowse but the whole time I use it I'm missing the little things I get in my main browser, like remembering urls, and hotkeys for bookmarks, working find in page, and, well, basically everything. But I love the sliding drawer - it really works for me.

There's an applescript floating around for Safari that makes it slide in and out real nice, but I am good and hooked on Firefox, and that applescript doesn't work on it - I think because it's not a Cocoa application. So I hacked together my own applescript that seems to work pretty well with Firefox. It's ugly but it works. It will toggle the window to slide in and out, or open a new window if firefox isn't running or has no window open.

Save the script to your drive, open it with script editor and set your screen width and homepage, save it as a .scpt somewhere, then assign a hotkey to run it (with quicksilver or butler or something) and enjoy slidey goodness with your favorite browser.

Please leave a comment about any bugs, or if you have suggestions for improvement. Right now the script only deals with one window, and I don't like the code that deals with when firefox is running with no window open. For the next version I'd like to eliminate the need to set a homepage and screen size.

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