poop (Poop Organizes Other Poop)

Poop is an attempt to satisfy my long-standing dream of a unix utility called "poop" that everyone will want. It gathers and displays some interesting info about the machine it's running on. It's been (kinda) tested on OS X, BSD, Linux, and Cygwin, but information displayed will vary depending on OS, permissions and installed programs.

Download link: http://code.cutup.org/sh/poop

Please write to cutup@cutup.org with any bugs or suggestions, so we can get this poop perfected on anything with a bash shell.

Save or copy the file to somewhere in your path. You may need to chmod +x poop. Take note of the programs poop requires or wants for your system. Once you're set, run poop -h for a brief help message.

Poop will display some or all of: