A shell script that downloads one of several (mostly satellite weather) images. Optionally composites another image on the downloaded image, if you have image magic installed. Works on os x and linux with ImageMagick for composite stuff.

use: $NM [-c|-f|-i|-m|-v|-w] [overlay file] [composite style]
  -c GOES east coast color composite (15 mins)
  -f GOES west hemisphere full disk (3 hrs)
  -i GOES east coast IR (30 mins)
  -m die.net mercator full earth (3 hrs)
  -v GOES east coast vis (30 mins)
  -w weather.com current weather (?)

 overlay file: 
     requires ImageMagick
     resizes to width of downloaded image

 composite style:
     default: multiply
     available: clear, src-over, dst-over, src-in, dst-in, src-out,
                dst-out, src-atop, dst-atop, xor, plus, multiply,
                screen, overlay, darken, lighten, color-dodge,
                color-burn, hard-light, soft-light, difference,


 goes -f
 goes -m ~/Pictures/longcat.png
 goes -c ~/Pictures/kitty.jpg lighten

Depending on monitor(s) and resolution and choice of images you might need to add some resizing stuff in there.

Meant to be run with cron. I might try to rewrite this in perl to eliminate dependencies.

Download link: code.cutup.org/sh/goes