An applescript that makes firefox slide in and out from the side of your monitor, like Deskbrowse. This script works for Safari, but not firefox, due to firefox's terrible applescript support.

Some of us are hooked on firefox and have to keep using it despite that, so luckily I managed to get this working.

Download link: code.cutup.org/applescript/ffctl.applescript

Please mail me at cutup@cutup.org if you use this script, find bugs, like it, or have improvements.

Download and open in Script Editor. Hit compile to make sure it compiles. Save as a script. Put it somewhere and set a hotkey to run it - quicksilver or butler work great for that. And that should do it.

This only works well with one window. I tried adding support for multiple windows and probably due to aforementioned poor applescript support, it didn't work very well.